My 1D words

 Okay. I have used all the letters in the alphabet, to a word there reminds me of One Direction;

A - is for the Alan Carr show, they were on
B - is for the Banana in Liam's face on Spin the Harry
C - is for Carrot
D - is for Directioners, Daddy Directioner or his beautiful girlfriend Danielle. Dusty, Harrys cat.
E - is for Louis' beautiful girlfriend, Eleanor.
F - is for food
G - is for the animal Giraffe, Niall loves.
H - is for Harry Styles, our curly god or Helene their vocal coach
I - is for Idols, Inteviews and Irish
J - is for all the Jokes, Louis makes.
K - is for Kevin
L - is for Louis and Liam
M - is for Zayn's Mirrors and Megamind
N - is for Niall and his Nandos
O - is for One Direction or One Thing
P - is for Pussies
Q - is for Quickfire
R - is for Zayn's rollercoaster of life
S - is for Singles or Spin the Harry
T - is for Turtles
U - is for Up All Night
V - is for Vas Happenin?
W - is for What Makes You Beautiful
X - is for X-factor
Y - is for Youtube
Z - is for Zayn

Write in a comment if you have more words!

2 kommentarer:

  1. J- Jimmy protested ! haahah
    P - Potatoes ! :)
    M- moments, more than this
    G - gotta be you
    S- simon cowell ( without him .. no 1D )